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a zara opinion

Zara, once described by Louis Vuitton fashion director Daniel Piette as "possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world", is set to hit my local: Bourke Street, Melbourne, in a mere month
There has been so much talk in rag trade media about it, and to be honest I couldn't be more excited. I think it is going to be a great thing for the Australian consumer, who (hopefully), is starting to become more aware of the origin, quality and not just the price of the clothing we buy.
We are so afraid of competition here in Australia, that we shoot ourselves in the foot and let giant conglomerates rule the way we spend our hard earned dollar.
With the arrival of the Spanish retail super giant, the likes of Myer (who is no longer Australian) and David Jones, plus all your Country Road, Just Jeans, Cotton On, and Witchery will have to pull up their socks and give us what we deserve: a competitive playground from where we can explore our personal style, and not be so confined to the seasonal repetitiveness of the above mentioned.
The question that I pose is are we going to be getting Zara that we know, love and would previously travel overseas to acquire? 
Zara brag a 30 day turn over from design to product in store. I'm currently in the process of designing for a manufacturer, and I can't find anyone in Asia, India or the East who will produce and deliver my product in less than 90 days, so to think Zara can manufacture in Morocco and Turkey and have it shipped all the way down under in 30 days is a big feat. The question is; Are we going to see the current lines found in the European outlets, or are we going to be getting the leftovers?
I was living in Florence long enough to see the massive turn around of stock. One week the racks are full of florals and the next week Leopard print... but surely they did not sell out of every size and colour - so where does it go? There are virtually no clearance outlets, and the brand rarely, goes on sale. My guess is it is in fact heading our way...
Im heading to Italy next week, where I will certainly be picking up some new Zara pieces for my wardrobe - here's to hoping Im wrong

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