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GLO TATTS® X RadaPriya Exclusive Collection

Pretty excited of this one. I've been contributing design and creative ideas to my twinnie's mega metallic glow-in-the-dark temp tattoo label GLO TATTS® since its launch exactly a year ago, so when she gave me free reign to create a complete pack, my concept came quick and fast. I had my hand drawn designs within an hour, and Saci worked her magic turning them into this stunning set of wearable skin jewels  The inspirations for my designs draw on my personal style and how I like to wear body jewellery. Subtle statement pieces with a touch of romance. As a wedding dress designer and a mother, these two roles reflect in each design. Intricate floral and gem motifs that can be worn as ear cuffs and necklaces without curious little hands pulling at the delicate jewellery. White and Turquoise compliment the metallic hues and sparkle on any skin type. Head over to GLOTATTS.COM to purchase your own. And please share using #RadaPriyaXGloTatts so we can post your images here

Dusting in Vintage Florals

Introducing our latest photoshoot featuring Rada Priya Designs - this time on location by the seaside. Our matching mini and adult outerwear/jackets are not only stylish but also upcycled, making them an environmentally conscious choice. With the colder months upon us, these garments are perfect for layering to keep you and your little ones warm and cozy. Made-to-order with attention to detail, each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.