Mineral Make-up

I love make-up, but it has never been my friend = my scottish skin does not respond well... to well, anything! Whatever is applied, usually slides down my face before the end of the day. Saci has been hammering on about the new Synergy Mineral make-up that she found at the Peninsula Hot Springs. I currently, and for the past 5 years have used Dior make up, and so was hesitant to try something new, after so many years of experimenting. Its really not that much more expansive than the foundation I already use - but the difference is brilliant. I am encouraged to even wear it to bed, as the minerals are so good for the skin. Today she made me up in 100% natural products - from moisturiser to mascara:


countdown begins

2 weeks til the official launch of



Hart for ELLE

The Photography link is a constant source of inspiration. I couldn't resist re-blogging this stunning shoot by photographer Santiago Estiban, featuring Aussie beauty Jess Hart for Spanish ELLE. 
We love Jess since we saw her take out the Dolly magazine competition way back in 2000. Not only does she share our birthday: 26/03/1986, but she also attended a Steiner school, as we did


Dance, until you can dance no more...

Saturday night was cold and wet, perfect for night in with pop corn and dvd's.
My sister called to ask me to make her a dress - and this became the night that was:
Last Sat night
Bright yellow peekaboo sleeve dress I whipped up for Sach. I bought the fabric from the opshop for $3!
 Getting my running man on in preparation for epic night of dancing...

the threads are from my spring collection which will be available 2nd week of August - excitement! 
Hot pink faux fur 
shiny dico shoes perfectly complimented the crowd of fluro, faux fur and psychedelic clad urban hippies and yuppies. DJ's had the split level dance floor full from dust til dawn.
my new friend and faux fur buddy :)
Saci and Drew - who put this epic shin dig together for his 40th
after a night of movin and shakin, meeting new friends, sipping on mocktails - yes mock for me please - the bathtub was my most suitable wind down option

too much fun... and no hangover 


the night I got left behind

Im wearing the Eller Dress from my upcoming collection. It has cute peekaboo sleeves in a tunic style. Available in sizes 8 to 14 


make an exception for the polar bear

As a child, I was more of a Barbie fan than a stuffed animal admirer. I never really got the fascination. I guess because I was so close with my twin, she was better than any comfort a soft toy could offer. Barbies - you could dress them up, cut their hair, paint their faces... eventually it became our first business venture - sewing and gluing hippy outfits to their perfect little bodies and selling them at the local markets - they were a hit!
As a teen, and a young woman I received stuffed animals from boyfriends, but they only lasted as long as the relationship did.
This little fellow is Henry. I got him from Times Square in New York 2 years ago. He ended up coming along with me for the rest of my states holiday, and now he is a permanent fixture on my bed... sometimes under...
Im wearing a top from Cotton On and Maxi dress from Valley Girl


I like to sit on chairs, you prefer the floor

Rada wears: Zara leopard Print Blouse / H&M Knit Sweater / Rada Priya Faux Fur Vest / Wish panel leggings


there's something in water

There is really not alot I can complain about being my own boss, making my own hours, the rewards of which cannot even come close to that of working for anyone else. My studios are in my home, so whenever creativity strikes I have everything I need at my fingertips. Literally. 
This means that downtime, when I should be relaxing and letting creativity brew, can become stagnant. My ambition can sometimes be my unravelling.
The next few weeks you will find me here:

Just me, the little princess - Sahara, good books, too many dvd's, a view from the tallest building in Australia... I already feel creativity brewing in my waters...


There's no need to rain, its our own parade

 When it comes to culture, especially food and fashion, Melbournians are spoilt for choice. Chapel street is one of my favourite spots, with lots of cool Melbourne designers, and heaps of cafes, bars and restaurants. One thing Melbourne is not famous for, is its flimsy weather - which can get really annoying even for me - an almost local. The Jam factory cinema is our 'go to' on days like today - gloom.
Harry Potter ought to cheer us up! Can you believe its over! 10 years with Harry...
Not just a new chapter, but New beginning... for me

Saci wears highland winter dress from my previous Fall sample collection, and black trench from Bardot. Im wearing Wish trench, Wrangler jeans and Faille Blouse from the upcoming spring collection:
the first shots from our last photoshoot - excitement coming to the website soon people!! 



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