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  My work was recently featured in the local Tweed Valley Weekly newspaper, shining a spotlight on my participation in the TAFE photography exhibition. The photo is from my series called "Veiled," where I explore the history and cultural significance of veils throughout time. Veils have been around for centuries, originally serving as practical garments to protect against the elements. But they've evolved into powerful symbols of modesty, purity, and even mystery in various cultures. In "Veiled," I delve into these layers of meaning, with my daughters and I as the subjects.
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VEILED - exploring the significance throughout time and culture.   Veils first appeared in ancient cultures as a form of protection from evil spirits. Its symbolism has changed over time, from status in society, to sign of innocence and propriety. While some view the veil as a way to divide god and men, biblically the veil is seen as access, unity and intimacy with the Divine. Besides its enduring religious significance, veiling continues to play a role in almost all cultures on the planet to this day. I've worn veils  throughout my life, all 3 of my weddings, religious ceremonies an aplenty of times for fun. Like this shoot with my girls (and self portraits on timer). And the significance of the rose.... that's for another time

High Key Portraits

  In the studio, Sienna's character shone through effortlessly, bringing life to each frame with her genuine smiles and infectious energy. The high-key setup accentuated the play of light on her curls and highlighted the sparkle in her eyes, resulting in a collection of portraits that capture not just her appearance but the essence of who she is – vibrant, captivating, and utterly unique

Studio Portraits

First attempt at studio portraits inside the mArts precinct  Armed with professional equipment, I aim to unravel the personalities hidden within my subjects. The play of light and shadow bring their stories to life, capturing forever just a moment of each individual. In that environment, my subjects transform - the lens painting tales of expression

Twiggy inspired shoot

This shoot is inspired by photographer Bert Stern's iconic images of Twiggy in the 1960s. Sahana already embodies the essence of Twiggy with her big bright eyes, blonde hair and innocent age. This was intentionally a practice shoot in my bedroom with natural light from the window, and the heavy eyeliner and mascara that is so synonymous with Twiggy's look 

Design | Content | Photography

Starting this journey into photography feels like catching up with an old friend – my trusty Canon camera, a gift from my filmmaker dad over a decade ago. While life kept me busy raising my wonderful daughters, Sahana and Dylana, I put photography on hold for bedtime stories. But now, as I dive into learning about product photography, my creativity sparks. Behind the lens, I'm not just snapping pictures; I'm capturing memories and stories, a talent I believe runs in the family. The classroom has become a safe space filled with inspiration, where my classmates and I cheer each other on. Here, my knack for styling fits right in, blending with the skills of others. And our teachers, full of wisdom and encouragement, make every click of the camera feel like a chance for something great.

Cooking live on TVSN with Peter Mason

  Cooking live on TV with Satvik Foods on TVSN was another thrilling experience, filled with flavourful "here's something I prepared earlier" dishes, nerves, and lots of fun! My sister joined me for the first time for an intro, and we shared our passion for Ayurvedic-inspired cooking with Peter Mason and our live audience. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and supported us on this exciting culinary journey!