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Twiggy inspired shoot

This shoot is inspired by photographer Bert Stern's iconic images of Twiggy in the 1960s. Sahana already embodies the essence of Twiggy with her big bright eyes, blonde hair and innocent age. This was intentionally a practice shoot in my bedroom with natural light from the window, and the heavy eyeliner and mascara that is so synonymous with Twiggy's look 

Design | Content | Photography

Setting sail on this journey to photography feels like a heartwarming reunion with an old friend – my Canon camera, a cherished gift from my filmmaking father over a decade ago. Life's whirlwind of raising my delicious daughters, Sahana and Dylana, had me trading lenses for lullabies. But now, as I step into my “study era”, a newfound passion for product photography ignites my creativity. Through the lens, I'm not only capturing textures and details; I'm encapsulating memories and stories, a skill I feel was more passed down to me than learned. The classroom has become a haven of inspiration, where peers and I, amplify each other's artistic strengths. Amidst the camaraderie, my styling flair has found its home, intertwining with the talents of those around me. And the teachers – luminaries of expertise and encouragement – sprinkle each lesson with a dash of optimism, turning each click of the shutter into a whisper of possibility.