Chic with just enough lace

There was no denying yesterday that Kate Middleton got it right. The contemporary design by Sarah Burton for iconic Alexander McQueen was almost too fitting. McQueen dresses a real Queen - He would be so chuffed! 
But the dress itself: Sweetheart neckline, modest bust, perfect A line skirt, not a puff in sight and just enough lace. And did I mention the bustle! The skirt layers at the back showed the intricate craftsmanship that gave the impression the ample train was being held to the dress by a mere thread.
My favourite part of the dress was the divinely subtle lace appliqué along the base of the skirt. It caught the light so softly, without attracting the eye away from her long silhouette.
It is a timeless dress that flawlessly exemplifies a Middleton class girl's transformation into a Princess.
Her second dress, also by Sarah Burton for McQueen was just as classic with a little princess thrown in. Cashmere cardi over identical sweetheart bodice of the ceremonial dress. The jewel belt wasted no time placing her in April 2011.

Pippa wore Sarah Burton for McQueen that as not only timeless, but ageless. Conservative cap sleeve and cowl neckline perfectly portrayed a Princess's sister.

Her second dress was elegant and super sexy in Jade green


Alexander Wu

Karl Lagerfield

Vera Wang

Elizabeth Emanuel 



Julians Mum arrived from Albania late last night, and I woke up to food! so much food! Trahana, Tollumba, caj mali, lule dielli to tongue tie mention a few. She also bought a gift from his little sister Aida - who made this beautiful beaded embellishment for me!  I think I see hand jewels in my future

odd spot to bloom

A flower, a flower
wont anyone give me a flower?

But no one stops, no one listens 
I am no more than a shadow calling out 
though shielding away from the light 

Afraid to be hurt more than I have been 
Searching for someone to help 
but find nothing but refusal and hurt 

A flower, a flower,
wont anyone give me a flower?

But no one looks, no one cares  -                                         Unknown 
Wearing H&M Knit over Ariella Skirt fro my Spring collection. I had to catch it a few times to avoid a '7 year itch' moment


restless in Florence

An omnibus across the bridge

Crawls like a yellow butterfly
And, here and there, a passer-by
Shows like a little restless midge.


The days are getting warmer and the lattes more frequent, that sleep becomes an a vexatious necessity. Im still wearing my boyfriend's jeans and woollen scarf, but only the keep the cool off my neck. The crowds are thick, unhurried and lazy, making weaving through impossible unless you pause and take it surroundings, as they are. People watching is just as popular as sightseeing, and strolling is not for the self conscious - check out the old man inspecting me:
Julian tries his hand at street posing
Hot breakfast is unusual and uneasy to come by - we special ordered omelettes from Lorenzo Medici
Julian's preference to getting around town
create your own salad
It looks delicious in the bowl, but when you miss and spray balsamic vinegar all over your new purse - its not very noval
There are just as many toy dogs, as there are nice shoes walking around Florence - this type of dog is brand new to my eyes - like a dingo face on teeny pooch!

Hope your all liking my photo blogs


sitting, waiting, wishing

I found this sweater yesterday from H&M for under 10euro! paired with my boyfriends cords and wedge sandle, set for a warmish rainy day
Rainbow bead earrings from Nimbin, NSW. I temporarily lost these to my twin - who took them on an adventure around India - I don't know; I think she wears them better than me - lil hippy that she is:
and here she is -  Sachi at an Indian wedding...

These girls were pretty funny - she stood here trying to climb the wall for ages. Wrong outfit for rock climbing darl!
Lily in his lily whites. We traded sunnies - my orange band wayfarers that I got n New York for $5, for his equally as cheap fakeys (I scored wit the better lens)
A great way to get around Florence. Note cafe Antica Sosta Degli Aldobrandini - which as formally know as "Julian's bar" is where I met the man himself over 9 months ago 
Cleaning the street with this gorgeously cut silk skirt
The all new "Julian Panini" is made up of Pesto, Tomato, fresh Onion, Cheese and fresh Lemon slices - Yum! We ate 3 each today!!
sitting, waiting, wishing


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