an autumn day like any

My girlfriend Dani told me about a fabric store near my house - I found this vintage Armani fabric and made this dress up last night. Perfect Autumn colour

The fabric store owner vows that Velvet will never come back into fashion in Australia... Im seeing alot of it in Europe at the moment... this is my take on new trend

I found this gorgeous little sewing desk waiting for me over the weekend... my Dad bought it for $10 from the church op shop across the road

It matches my old singer

My glass wardrobe doors act as perfect white board for my sketches

I have a love/hate relationship with pattern making

While in New York last year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art had an most incredible exhibition titled Model As Muse. I have never been so up close and personal to some of the greatest masterpieces by Coco Chanel, YSL, Gucci etc
This book has a special place in my studio, and muses me whenever I need one

Another of my Muses - The Venus De Milo by Botticelli. I purchased this print from the Uffizi Galleria in Florence way back in 2005. Its a treasure.

Writing this blog :)


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