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This is a little Thank God its Friday post - actually a re-post of some great images that popped up on Natalie Off Duty's blog. I'm strongly anticipating the Spring, and when I saw the first image of the old singer and camera, it reminded me why I'm spending so many cold nights in my sewing room creating my next collection. I love how an image can capture a feeling, plus the garments are too cool
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View from the Top

Today we went on a 2 for 1 Melbourne adventure. Armed with a handful of vouchers we boarded the 48 tram and headed for the cbd. Despite not technically having the time to take a day off, in the name of adventure Saci & I headed straight for the skydeck at Eureka tower. As you can see it was the start to a pretty perfect day
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Tribal omen ☩

·.·★ In the pitch dark, only the flash from the camera illuminated her golden skin ★·.

 ☮ ☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ + ✡ ♀ ♂  
The first time I laid eyes on Suiti, this tribal beauty was working at Zara. I knew immediately I wanted her on the other side of the lens, so when she agreed, we organised a shoot + I made the garments especially for. This shoot took place on St. Kilda Beach, and in the pitch dark  we could give very little direction - but she didn't need any! This Samoan beauty is a natural behind the lens.
☩  Suiti is wearing custom suedette top and jersey high tops > fabrics used in my current Autumn Winter collection / Tribal paint by yours truely / cuffs from H&M / Necklace - models own / Feathers hair extensions by Flockstocks
Thank you to Saci for capturing these amazing images 

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Parliament House

I can't visit Canberra without calling in to watch a session in the senate. Today didn't disappoint. The pollies crack me up, and I find the whole thing extremely fascinating, seriously.
More pics to come on fb
Wearing Zara, Ziggy, H&M


my colourful knapsack

DIY Story: I consider myself a bit of a domestic goddess, I know how to make a mess and I know how to clean it up - no metaphor here! Nothing like a spring clean, anytime of the year. But when it comes to keeping my whites bright its a frustrating repetition. This blazer was once a bright cream (and a dry clean only) - one go in the machine and it came out grey :( Lucky my dye skills are much better than my washing, so now its a nice minty green.
Love this knapsack that was a gift from Saci who picked it up on her last trip to Cambodia / I made the scarf/tie to go with this DIY Bardot Blazer / H&M Blouse / NEUW Jeans / Dhalia Wedge Heels / Necklace from ASOS / Bangles and nail colour from H&M



 I attempted to take the week off, but managed a half day sleep-in on Thursday, and have been back at it since. Last night we got a treat to the theatre ~ No Names, No Pack Drill had me in stitches for 2+ hour long play. Despite it being put on by good friends (some faces you might recognise from tv), my bias opinion was superseded and I would happily watch it over and over
Wearing H&M Knit / Cashmere Scarf / NEUW Jeans / Mollini shoes (from the wkend wedding!)
Inspiration on the toilet wall
Paul Henri (Far right) and his co stars

A play by Bob Herbert
Directed by Mark Wilson


Between the last minute marriages, the waves goodbye,
the ships and the docks and the wounded and the dead,
Kathy and Rebel, a young Marine, have only just met.

Her apartment becomes his hideout and as the war
heats up, the world closes in on them.

Performed by Ngaire Dawn Fair,
Paul Henri, James Stanistreet,
Heidi Valkenburg, Dan Walls,
Francesca Waters, Kevin Summers,
Jack Angwin and Nick Darling.

Preview: June 7th @ 8pm
Season: June 8th to 24th
Wednesdays to Saturdays: 8pm
Saturday Matinees: 4pm
Sundays: 6pm

$15-$25 ($20 for booking of five or more)



The day Dani became a Muretic

I'm taking the rest of the week off...
I have to close my eyes for a moment to take in the that 3 weeks have passed in what feels like the pause in a blink. Countless hours in the sewing room blend in with warm smiles from the pretty bridesmaids Adriana, Claudia, Isabella and the beautiful bride Daniella, hot drinks and words of encouragement from Saci, all to the whirr of the sewing machines. As anticipated, the Wedding went far too quickly, and now huddled in a warm bed reflecting over the photos, I have a great sense of gratitude for being apart of all the  + FUN! 
...not to mention grateful to my sister for capturing moments that eluded my memory due to copious amounts of a Croatian concoction called... I can't remember...
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├ętoiles de Cannes

Marilyn Monroe ~ timeless 
this years Cannes film festival was a fashion delight. the twitter and blog updates kept me inspired through these last cold winter days in my sewing room

an unnecessary announcement


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