Florence is not only home to some of worlds greatest fashion houses, it boasts their respective priceless archives and museums. This night, by the quiet full moon, I got the Gucci Museum almost all to myself. Set over 3 levels, I took my time taking in all the history, craftsmanship and distinction Gucci has become so iconic for. And at the end, in their bookshop slash cafe, enjoying a coffee over the abundant collection of fashion publications, made it one of my favourite days in Florence this winter.





Simple. Clean. Spring - the 9th look from my Spring/Summer collection is probably my most 'easy wear' The little hit of lime in the skirt pattern makes this look for me, and the feather cuff detail on the classic white top



A big happy birthday to Amanti - cousin/roomy/friend/brotherfromanothermother. 
My mental health in Italy has stayed in tact thanks to your kindness & shenanigans... 
You are much loved



Another stunning window display at Luisa Via Roma ...
I pass by almost everyday, just for the pure inspiration - 
          ~ Happy Wkend. ♡ R.


Wool Short Suit

Zebra's, Buddhas, silk, wool and jersey feature in the 8th look from my Spring/Summer 2012 collection
Chic and casual, the short suit is a wool and jersey blend with contrast back and sleeve panels, and slight stretch for super wearability. The right cuff of the shell jacket is embellished lightly with Swarovski and crystal beads. The matching shorts are high waisted and also feature double layer jersey contrast back panel. The wool blend front panels are felted in a herringbone pattern that gives the look structure
The pure silk shell top, with its slight raw texture and gorgeous print featuring little gold Buddhas and Zebra's - its whimsical and fun, in a very ladylike silhouette. 
Wool Shell Jacket ~ Wool/Jersey blend front with stretch Jersey long sleeve featuring Swarovski and glass bead embellishment on right sleeve $210.00 AU
Wool High Waist Shorts ~ Wool/Jersey blend front, double stretch Jersey back panel $110.00 AU


Navy Gemstones

Navy and gold classic combination for the last day of 'Statement necklace week'. Too cold to venture out, but warm enough inside (floor heating) to don hot pants, aka, my SS12 high waisted, wool blend shorts. The necklace is very similar to the one I wore yesterday, with green and blue, and thats because I bought it at the same place.
Holidays have officially started here, and its Winter markets galore. Happy Holidays


everything must match

I heard that the first snow fell in Florence this morning, long before I stirred to consciousness. Disappointment.
This weekend the Italian Holy-days begin, so the city will spring back to life after a month long slumber. I hope this reflects in my mood. Snow looks fabulous in pictures, but its a painful season in the city. I dream of a country villa with a roaring fireplace and hot mulled wine, but its all frost bite out, damp and steamy in... 
My bf's mum has been hard at work knitting me sweaters, booties, beanies and this awesome fluffy white & blue scarf. The necklace I bought from a small accessories boutique in Florence for under 20euro - it came with matching earrings. But its the umbrella that steals the show. Sheltering me from the Tuscan rain, with prints of famous Tuscany sites, in Toscana! Kitsch at its finest. The word is a loan word from the German word meaning "worthless." but I think it's priceless!


Hint of Persia

I swooned when I saw this piece of jewellery - it is so stunning and defines the statement necklace. Gold adornments with black and granite Swarovski, it drips with Persian opulence. 
Of course my outfit today was quite grey, on grey on grey, but with the weather in an uproar (its flooding in some neighbourhoods), the necklace was all the excitement I could handle. 
I'm very much looking forward to outfitting it to the standard it deserves


giant droplets

The days are getting shorter, and we are sleeping in more, so there is really not much light left to shoot day 4 of 'statement necklace week'. We planned a quiet dinner at my favourite restaurant in Florence - The Lorenzo de Medici, and brought the camera along in case we felt like shooting. I pinched Julian's favourite pair jeans, properly ripped and worn out, and threw on the biggest necklace I own. Giant perspex ochre & copper droplets hanging from a velvet chain, its really not as over-the-top when worn with a simple black tee...


ornamental flowers

My grandmother had the most marvellous collection of costume jewellery. Her most amazing pieces were actually real - precious rubies and sapphires set in over sized coral pieces to form out-there cocktail rings and broaches. When she passed, she left some of these precious ornamental pieces to my twin sister & I. For the most they sat in the bottom of boxes, not seeing the light of day, until 2012 rolled around, bringing with it the "statement necklace" trend.  Costume jewellery at its finest, these champagne coloured glass gems, set in 6 petal flowers on large chain, is an eye catcher. Not one from my grandmother's collection, but reminding me of the very similar necklace I left back in Australia, wearing it makes me want to throw on a brightly patterned kaftan and sit by the pool with friends (as I imagined she would be doing if she were still here)


The Embellished Collar

Dress up basic knits with a preppy embellished collar. This one I found at the local flea market - super blinged out with giant diamantes. The knit was hand made to my design by my boyfriends mum. She is super talented and helping me with my knitwear samples for my Fall 2013 collection. Its the perfect time to be designing for the next Australian winter, because I'm experiencing the extreme version here in Europe


Ombre Ribbons

As long as I'm a red head, I think i'll never tire of a bright pop of orange, especially in my jewellery. This statement necklace with its silver metal loops wrapped in ribbons so that creates an ombre effect is a new favourite. Simple but very bold. 
Today the murky sky threatened rain, but we trusted the iPhone weather app and went for a ride on the scooter for coffee by the park. The second half of these shots were not usable, because as soon as ran to the autumn leaved tree's, huge rain drops started to fall, and within 60 seconds I was soaked. Straight home to bed, where I've spend the remainder of the day.

I wish it would just snow already


The Statement Necklace

December is here, so the snow can't be too far away. Packing up my spring clothes for winter hibernation, I came across jewellery pouches I had forgotten about, hidden in dusty suitcases and the backs of drawers. Over the course of creating this blog I have built up quite a collection of accessories, especially some really cool statement necklaces, some of them not seen here. With all the necklaces laid out in front of me, and my creative mind running wild with styling ideas, why not a theme week? I like to break up my boring outfit posts with samples of my collection designs, but I've never rolled out a theme - so the next 7 days I'll post 7 outfits, based on 7 statement necklaces.

Some of my forgotten treasures, piled lovingly in a heap


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