Wool Short Suit

Zebra's, Buddhas, silk, wool and jersey feature in the 8th look from my Spring/Summer 2012 collection
Chic and casual, the short suit is a wool and jersey blend with contrast back and sleeve panels, and slight stretch for super wearability. The right cuff of the shell jacket is embellished lightly with Swarovski and crystal beads. The matching shorts are high waisted and also feature double layer jersey contrast back panel. The wool blend front panels are felted in a herringbone pattern that gives the look structure
The pure silk shell top, with its slight raw texture and gorgeous print featuring little gold Buddhas and Zebra's - its whimsical and fun, in a very ladylike silhouette. 
Wool Shell Jacket ~ Wool/Jersey blend front with stretch Jersey long sleeve featuring Swarovski and glass bead embellishment on right sleeve $210.00 AU
Wool High Waist Shorts ~ Wool/Jersey blend front, double stretch Jersey back panel $110.00 AU


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