I never thought I would add waitressing to my resume, but since I arrived back to sanctuary of St Andrews Beach, Victoria, the peace and quiet has been amazing for my portfolio, but not so kind to my bank account. A random opportunity came up to waitress for a catered event with my twin sister at a Peninsular mansion. The money was too good to turn down, so dressed in black we found ourselves alone in giant house that wrapped around what looked like an unused swimming pool.  Marbled patios led to sprawling lawns which looked out over the bay. 
It didn't take long before the house filled with the rich, the minor celebrities and the washed up wannabes. With no hospitality experience I relied on my extensive retail and customer service skills to carry me through the night - which did nothing to teach me how to carry trays, or pour wine without spilling it down some womans blinged up cleavage or pronounce unusual canap├ęs. In fact, the only thing that helped me, was growing up in Byron Shire, with a lunatic mother and 8 siblings. Eddie Maguire thought we were funny little hippies in black.
my recent sketches

Most rich people have a very unsavory character - I learnt that well and good when I dated a multi millionaire from San Fransisco last year. Sure, private jets to dinner, and mansions all over the west coast had its allure. But a f**k you attitude to money, stubborn dress sense, poor taste in entertainment: bad documentaries, rhythm-less country music and monotonous conversations topped off a 6 month rollercoaster relationship, and cured my "gold digger" mental outlook forever. From now on, I'll be bringing home the (Sanitarium) not-bacon! 
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Despite pompy pricks, the last couple weeks has been a breeze of working, skateboarding, Skypeing, surfing, soaking in the hot springs, designing, appearing in a couple scenes for short movie, and some serious eating - life is good!
Home, sweet home

And its about to get a whole lot better with a business opportunity I have spent my little life preparing for...


endless bottles of wine

My days at the Derjaj frat house are coming to a close, I am making my departure due to life changing opportunities in my homeland - those which could have never materialised if it weren't for this Italian adventure. I am returning alone, leaving my humble knight to continue his tale - which will most likely land him on our big island, due to all the headache we have been going through to obtain visas...
The Kitchen - where I spent most of my time

Amanti on a wine run

Florence Pub, and most popular hang out

Photo diary on facebook


Fashion bloggers

I have been coming across some fantastic fashion blogs - really interesting and unique writing. I love the Man Repeller- its such refreshing writing

But i'd have to say my favorite is The Cherry Blossom Girl.

Her intimacy with fashion is like: 
The most amazing chef in the world creates a palette delicacy,  Alix - The Cherry Blossom Girl - gets to taste the amazing food - than there is surrounding people, including food critic's and photographers, who can smell and see the wonder plate, they take photos and return to the publisher, who gets to admire the pictures and decide where it will be placed in the this week cooking magazine - than some food fanatic see's the article, tears it out, copy's it to her blog - which is how I come across it - and theres my connection to the source!
Blogs have become very influential in the fashion industry and success of trends. Really great bloggers get vip invites to Chanel and Valentino - check out
Blogs like this save me money - my fortnightly magazine buying has dwindled to the point that they are becoming old news - why buy Vogue off the stand with a feature a month old, when I can check it out a fews hours after the event takes place online 

And if you buy for the amazing fashion feature spreads - you can also go right to the source


one of the pitfalls of social networking

Facebook. Now theres a subject.  I held my ground for years, not even slightly curious, despite most of my friends hooked and a husband spending an hour a day glued to that laptop screen. I guess in those teen years where online social networking is expected, I was busy spending my time like an overworked adult. Marriage, changing religion, new countries, full time jobs - who am I kidding, I didnt have time for friends or a pen pal, let alone an online profile to upkeep.

I gave in two years ago, not because I was constantly missing parties because I didnt get the "facebook invite", or that my friends were spread around the globe and eager to stay in touch, or because I was recently divorced and its apparently a good place to pick up, or at least stalk our date. I created an account, struggled for hours to find a decent image of my face for the profile picture box, all because a less than average looking guy, with surprisingly mis-guided cockiness, and a terrible adolescent mustache (movember or something to the like) accused me of being conservative for not having a social network - to which I replied; I have a Myspace!! derr!! (and quickly turned pink remembering my profile nickname I gave myself in 9th grade - which is too embarrassing to share... and anyway, Im trying to appear charismatic and not nerdy, being that this is a blog... plus, my affirmations encourage me to withhold judgement against myself
He worked in a shoe store opposite the menswear store I was managing at the time (terrible time of my life). I was known as Laura (first name on my birth certificate). I wore knee length skirts, cotton blouses and hush puppies. I was the picture of conventional, but c'mon, couldnt he, and everyone else for that matter, tell that I was ultimately a cool and interesting person underneath my neatly brushed back ponytail.
Two years later, a new country, new language, and my first ever "in a relationship with..." facebook no longer serves me. I serve it. 
Working, relaxing, on holiday, sick, there is no excuse for a day off from facebook. Even a poor internet connection is not enough now, with internet available on your mobile phone, ipod and free wifi at every cafe on the globe.
Facebook, alternately known as stalkbook, envybook, datebook, is fast becoming problem-book, especially where my relationship is concerned. 
Old flames, flings and photos with the slightest promiscuity are targets of pathetic arguments, and thats just from me!
Who wants to see your current relationship and all there dirty past splashed all over wall feeds and profile pages. What ever happened to "what happened in the past, stays in the past"?!  If you've removed the photos from your bedside table, thrown away all the gifts that were exchanged and deleted their number from your phone, than why is it socially excepted to have your ex on facebook??
With all the new settings, facebook is now more transparent than ever. They should have a "save my pride" security setting when you add a new relationship to your status, that prevents your new partner from seeing any past ones. Or are we so insecure that we need our partner to see our ex's, hoping that in some unnatural way they will appreciate us more?
Deactivate option is looking good ;)


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