Fashion bloggers

I have been coming across some fantastic fashion blogs - really interesting and unique writing. I love the Man Repeller- its such refreshing writing

But i'd have to say my favorite is The Cherry Blossom Girl. 

Her intimacy with fashion is like: 
The most amazing chef in the world creates a palette delicacy,  Alix - The Cherry Blossom Girl - gets to taste the amazing food - than there is surrounding people, including food critic's and photographers, who can smell and see the wonder plate, they take photos and return to the publisher, who gets to admire the pictures and decide where it will be placed in the this week cooking magazine - than some food fanatic see's the article, tears it out, copy's it to her blog - which is how I come across it - and theres my connection to the source!
Blogs have become very influential in the fashion industry and success of trends. Really great bloggers get vip invites to Chanel and Valentino - check out 
Blogs like this save me money - my fortnightly magazine buying has dwindled to the point that they are becoming old news - why buy Vogue off the stand with a feature a month old, when I can check it out a fews hours after the event takes place online 

And if you buy for the amazing fashion feature spreads - you can also go right to the source 


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