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mini RadaPriya Designs

For almost 4 months I was convinced I was pregnant with a boy, so when the nurse told me otherwise, I asked if she could please check again. Now with my tiny little daughter in my arms, just over 2 weeks old, I could not imagine a more perfect being to come into our life.  During my third trimester, with my own collection put on hold, I busied myself sewing mini versions of all my favourite pieces (plus some handy baby bibs) Sahana is far too tiny to fit into any of her collection, but we are in no rush, and enjoying every second observing the world unfold to our precious baby

Pregnancy Shoot

8 Months pregnant with my beautiful Sahana. Pregnancy and motherhood is nothing what I expected and I know my journey is uniquely my own, and what a magical life fulfilling one it is These photos were captured by Kacey of Love Always Photography