Last day of winter tomorrow, can you feel it? While all the other fashion blogs I read start to gear up for fall, we down under finally get to let the the winter warmers fall!

Its been a frustrating winter, not because of the weather - I have to admit Winter is my favourite season for fashion and all the lux layering that covers my pale scottish complexion - no, its been frustrating because my studio has poor heating and the Spring collection I toiled away at through cold nights is a disarmingly discouraging 2 months behind schedule. Thats on top of the 6 generous months I gave myself to complete the launch collection. All the hype I've been creating and I bet some of you reading this now are thinking "what does this girl even do"! Apparently I dress mannequins at department stores between complaining to my manufacturer. And I don't like being mean to fellows creatives that use their hands to make their living in this modern world of paper pushers, number crunchers and e-friends (peace & love)
Patience is an under rated virtue

Photography & Styling by Saci Mata


cold stone streets on a sunny afternoon

Tricky trick trick weather... 
We attempted to go shopping today, but every other human in Victoria had the same idea, so the shops were too crammed for our style, even Office Works was too demanding - being that we had to rescue shelving accessories that were flying all over the car park with the massive gusts of wind billowing through... the quiet cold back streets seemed more our style... nosy neighbours absent...

Rada wears Military Jacket from Asos.com / Full Circle skirt from Spring Rada Priya designs / Cotton On socks 
Saci Wears Wish Trench coat / Maxi dress from Byron Bay market / Wittner wedge


Studio Pinup

 Rada wears Chloe Dress by Pin up by Sophie

Having some fun and dancin about in the studio. I love this Rockabilly 1950's dress, it makes we want to don on red lippy and a pair of Mary Janes and hit the closest Jazz bar...


Starfish & Feathers

 Archie "Nackie" the day after his 1st birthday
Sophie wears Highland Rada Priya dress / D&G sun glasses
Saci wears a thrifted ensemble 
Sophie and her beautiful family came to visit before their big world adventure. It was my first time meeting her son Archie, and we were lucky enough to celebrate his 1st birthday
Ive also mentioned in previous blogs about Sophies business - Flock Stock feather hair extensions. I used them in one of our Spring shoots (coming soon to Rada Priya.com.au), but stock is almost finished, so if you want any they are on sale now- just click the banner below to order yours



lucky weather snap on the weekend meant we got to have a play in the sand down at Portsea. Have been getting a little carried away in recent shoots. add a baby, seagulls and starfish... well -you'll just have to wait for more pics to come


got the look

 Lookbook is fast becoming my hub spot for instant fashion inspiration, if your a designer, working in the rag trade or simply wear fashion (thats pretty much all of you), its time for you to check out this site:  LOOKBOOK.NU It has strict rules for uploading photos, which means you the content is always going to be fresh, and the uploader is in the photo - so often you get to see the designer showcasing their wares. You can join up to upload your own looks, hype and fan others to keep in touch, and sometimes brands pitch competitions to bloggers through here.
These are my favourite looks that I hyped today:

I entered a look for the Volcommunity comp - you can vote for it here by clicking on the Hype key below

like a pro

I was cutting together some photoshoot footage taken at the park recently and thought you might enjoy some stills of me being extra special. Like the ever professional showing of some of my signature moves here:


take me away on a cloud

Rada Priya Silk Chiffon Blouse / Calvin Klein bodcon slip / Urban Sole wedge heel

These are a couple of shots taken from a late afternoon park shoot a couple of weeks back. Originally meant for the website, but the delay from my manufacturer means we are still another month off from launch. We'll shoot again, but meantime i'll post some of the looks here, and for more updates join me on facebook


be the voice

Today Alina and I attended the RSPCA rally to ban live animal export. The turnout was impressive, and it was nice to see Australians voice their abhorrence for the way these animals are treated before slaughter.
My parents are vegetarian, and so I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up in a wholesome vegetarian home. As an adult I am becoming more and more passionate about being active in the protection of my environment. Australia is a fortunate country, and it is up to all its inhabitants to keep it that way. Today's rally was a solution to a cause - not the root of the problem. But none the less we have the power to make a difference. We each have the gift of vote and it is up to us to encourage our government to act positively toward our environment on our behalf.
If you would also like to support the Ban of live export, email you local MP to ask them to vote for the Bill that will end live export. You can find your local MP's opinion on live export and full contact details online at www.BanLiveExport.com/MP
channel 9
While you are consciously supporting this bill, take a moment to think about the root of the problem - the slaughtering and consumption of these majestic creatures


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