Last day of winter tomorrow, can you feel it? While all the other fashion blogs I read start to gear up for fall, we down under finally get to let the the winter warmers fall!

Its been a frustrating winter, not because of the weather - I have to admit Winter is my favourite season for fashion and all the lux layering that covers my pale scottish complexion - no, its been frustrating because my studio has poor heating and the Spring collection I toiled away at through cold nights is a disarmingly discouraging 2 months behind schedule. Thats on top of the 6 generous months I gave myself to complete the launch collection. All the hype I've been creating and I bet some of you reading this now are thinking "what does this girl even do"! Apparently I dress mannequins at department stores between complaining to my manufacturer. And I don't like being mean to fellows creatives that use their hands to make their living in this modern world of paper pushers, number crunchers and e-friends (peace & love)
Patience is an under rated virtue

Photography & Styling by Saci Mata


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