be the voice

Today Alina and I attended the RSPCA rally to ban live animal export. The turnout was impressive, and it was nice to see Australians voice their abhorrence for the way these animals are treated before slaughter.
My parents are vegetarian, and so I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up in a wholesome vegetarian home. As an adult I am becoming more and more passionate about being active in the protection of my environment. Australia is a fortunate country, and it is up to all its inhabitants to keep it that way. Today's rally was a solution to a cause - not the root of the problem. But none the less we have the power to make a difference. We each have the gift of vote and it is up to us to encourage our government to act positively toward our environment on our behalf.
If you would also like to support the Ban of live export, email you local MP to ask them to vote for the Bill that will end live export. You can find your local MP's opinion on live export and full contact details online at
channel 9
While you are consciously supporting this bill, take a moment to think about the root of the problem - the slaughtering and consumption of these majestic creatures


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