It is too late to be a pessimist

In a world that is rushing to depletion caused by the incredible and infinite intelligence of the human mind, we should not be asking ourselves "how can I make a difference" but "how can I not". We no longer live a world where the uncertainty of our existence lays in the future - that was the world of our parents and grandparents - we exist in a world that is being devastated Now. 
Indeed it seems a statement of doom - but it is not - this could be one of the most positive pushes toward enlightenment humanity has ever faced.
Ask yourself right now what do you need in your life to find [peace]? If the answer is money - than your probably listening to your ego and not yourself / your heart.
Educate yourself, pick up books that make a difference, plant a tree, walk to work, breathe consciously, eat less meat, eat no meat, vote Yes to carbon tax, encourage government to make positive choices for our earth, smile more... much more
Wearing Swing Coat from my Spring Collection - available at the end of August / Wrangler Jeans / Asos bracelet / Vintage boots
Photos by Saci



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