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Master Couturier

  ELIE SAAB's 2011 Spring Collection is to die for! I have always been such a fan, but he just keeps getting better, and I don't know how it is possible! He is a legend of the gown and one day I will be rich enough to own one of his creations. These are my favourites...

a studio of fun

These lovely ladies helped us celebrate our 25th Thank you ladies for wearing my designs I am so proud how much you all shined Silver for Connie, Black Satin for Grace Liza wrapped in white and Elise in lace Anita, your baby blues shined in cobolt Mish and Alina in Velvet made the boys holt Kerri sparkled in sweetheart pink Saci and Rada embellished in sync Dani wore a little black number that rocked Hilary adorned the fur vest and cream mini concoct  Tamara and Robyn made crotched fun this rhyme is lame, so now its done  :)  See FULL post. Click Read More below

You may attend a party where strange customs prevail

What does my fortune cookie predict on my birthday: uh oh! strange prevails over this party... but is it the party the cookie predicts.... watch this space to discover more

our 9119th night - or conventionally; 25th Birthday

fashion and its bodily function

Dressing is the fourth bodily function. After breathing, eating and sleeping - and excluding a couple of delicious extras - one of the fundamental pleasures of the human body is to clothe it. Which makes fashion - it's  closest relation - pretty important. The history of fashion touches everyone in its orbit. It runs far, far deeper than hemlines, silhouettes and colours. It is intrinsically caught up with social mores and mood changes in everything from food mannerisms, music and sex. It lives and exists not only as one of the most ravishing and compelling of entertainment but as the surest indicator of time.  Linda Watson - Vogue  Rada Priya Designs

an afternoon in beautiful Melbourne

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the last of summer by having a picnic in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne city. It also was a perfect day for capturing the unique Melbourne scape.  Unlike anywhere else in the world I have visited, Melbournians have an unwavering appreciation of culture, food and fashion, always embracing the young, the local, the weird and unique. There doesn't seem the be clique or fashion fads of other cities. Sure there are little packs of trends followers, but we love them too. And there is the weather. Its not unusual to begin a day in a bikini at breakfast, leggings by lunch and back to a mini dress by dinner. So I guess you can say there is one trend accessory that a smart melbournian lady will have, and thats a big handbag! playing in the fountain flying beer bottle a black fungus drink anyone? style spotting in Fitzroy - too cute the local entertainment at the Builders Arms Hotel