autumn already

2 way stretch velvet is so much fun! that and the fact that you make just about anything with it using an overlocker - which is handy because my trusty singer machine died on friday, so the long weekend was velvet galore!
I thought I had a good sample range, so decided to take some snaps to find the missing holes in the range. My twin returned from India yesterday, and promptly went about slashing half of what I had. They say "you are your own harshest critic" not quite true in my case. But really I wouldnt know what to do without her - she keeps me on trend - keeps it tight.
Any offence that I could have taken, was quickly made up for with the load of gifts she bought for me. Fabric, Sari's, beads, crystals, bangles, incense, bindis, lamps, candle holders.

Pics below are a few that didnt make the cut for party shoot.
Its Melbourne fashion week, so Sachi and I are going to alot of shows over the next few days, watch this space for highlights


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