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We went workshopping today

my overlocked mini

Another Melbourne L'Oreal Fashion Festival rolls around and another chance to dress up and head down to trendy Docklands for a look into the milder side of what Australian Fashion has to offer. I say milder, because any real fashion devotee would jump on the hour flight to Sydney to see the real monomania. L'Oreal fashion festival is really just a chance for Big Brands to plug themselves and try and get their sales revenue up - not that this is a bad thing - after all, we are all out to make a buck. But where is the substance that Marie Claire, the primary sponsor, raves on about?

Every year I observe this particular festival, and I find that instead of capturing creative inspiration, which I do so easily at other shows and festivals, I become increasingly self conscious and superficial elements begin to surface. Am I wearing enough make-up? How can look more youthful (I'm 24!)? Do I look better than that girl? 
I bought tickets for the Marie Claire L'Oreal Beauty workshop today, and went along with a girlfriend. The pre drinks and nibbles are fun and its a great chance to observe and take snapshots of the other attending guests. Really though, you pay the $35 for the gift bag.
gift bag and contents

The workshop itself is a very informative step by step guide of how to apply on trend make up. 2011 is "Return to Glamour" demonstrated by make up artist extraordinaire, Rae Morris. (who between you and I, has had alot of "work" done since last years workshop)
Rae Morris doing her thing

Its all well and good to look your best and apply your L'Oreal products everyday, which hype about at the importance of the youthful look - but take any L'Oreal product and look at its ingredients label -  hydroxyethylcellulose is also found in cleaning products. Don't get me wrong, Im not here to bash on about the deadly toxins and chemicals contained in all Big Brand make up (though there is nothing wrong with educating yourself about it - check out, after all I like to use and abuse occasionally, but don't stand there and tell me that a full head of make up everyday is going to keep me young. Im happy to sit there and learn - but lets be real people - I'd pay more attention if you were less sarcastic and more direct - for example, don't wear make up if you dont know how to apply it ladies! We are the ones that have to look at you all day long. Im sure some of you can identify having a friend that you can't bare to tell that their face is looking worse for ware after the morning make over.

these girls were among the many that looked fabulous today!

lip tips from the experts

Thats what this industry is all about though, judgment, first impressions, lasting impressions. 
Lets live in the Now, however young, old, or crooked our eyebrows are. Living and using healthy and sustainable products now, will make us feel good about ourselves and our environment now, and the now of tomorrow.
as for L'Oreal Fashion Festival - Will you see me there next year? 

Watch this space for more street fashion as seen at the L'Oreal Runway shows

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