middle finger

Sleepless nights have forced me to reckon with my fears of failure. I have been back in Australia since mid Jan, and although productivity is on the up and up, my mental state is giving me the middle finger.
Nobody wants a walk in the park when starting your own business, otherwise all the parks would be empty...
positivity and motivation, paired with careful planning and following this plan step by step is crucial. Ive just completed my 15th dress sample garment, the emails from potencial manufacturers from China and Morocco are starting to trickle in, and plans for the first photoshoot are baking in the oven.
It only sounds good.
In reality the whole thing is making me so nervous, Im thinking about creating an alias and releasing the first winter range in a different state, maybe even a different country
but that would just be for tail between the legs fun. This is serious, I've gotta get back to work, no time to even finish this sentence...

samples of my samples


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