Last days of Spring

Stepping off the airplane in Melbourne should have been a relief - 4 flights to get me home, severe sleep depravation and an empty carousel left my emotions pretty dry. I was only supposed to be abroad 2 weeks, now more than 6 weeks later I don't have time for jetlag - so its straight to work [and some dark glasses to hide the bags]. This weekend is really exciting - The South Yarra Market Re-Launch Party - I hope most of you got the facebook invite. I'll be showcasing my S/S '11 collection in full force. There will be loads of other great designers and different stalls, plus DJ's good food - all night... Did I mention this Saturday 3rd Dec - Oak Place Warehouse, South Yarra
These were shot with the new iphone 4S - pretty brilliant quality I think you would agree
I bought this lace top in Bangkok yesterday, paired with Neue Jeans, faux suede wedges, dark glasses and a bit of bling around the neck and wrists to distract from my wearied face. [Necklace and Ring by PVSSY, Bracelets from H&M]


Vanessa Bruno Lov

starring Kate Bosworth - beautiful and unique campaign 

Veneration to sisters

Yesterday the Americans celebrated their annual Thanksgiving Holiday. Personally I think everyday this holiday should be celebrated. I was brought up in house where every night around the dinner table my brother's and sister's would take it in turns saying what they were most grateful for during their day. Aside from being a bonding, and fun part of the meal, the Law of Attraction says that focusing on particular thoughts/situation generates more of it. I still do this, everynight before I sleep. And since most nights before I sleep I am reading fashion blogs, I thought that this post I should share with you the one that inspires me most. Sister's Mira and Thilda Berglind of the blog 365 Days  is an exquisite example of an artistic collaboration between fashion, its context and its subject. Undoubtedly the reason the harmony is so well balanced, post after post, is that when one is the model, the other is behind the lens.
As a young designer, blogs like these make my job so much easier as I have an endless source of inspiration that is updated daily. These are just a pinch of my favourites.
All Images via 365 Days
[the pictures are worth a thousand words - which is lucky because this Swedish blog is not available in English!]


Being Unreasonable and Unambiguous

Chapter 4 of my current bible: The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris. If that title doesnt inspire you to buy it, than either you love your job, or no one has told you about this book. Sub chapter titles include: Doing the Unrealistic Is Easier Than Doing the Realistic, What Do You Want? A Better Question First of All, Correcting Course: Get Unrealistic & my fav: How To Get Geaorge Bush Sr. Or The CEO of Google on the Phone.
And it works! Inspired by this chapter I have been in touch with some of my absolute favourite bloggers (see my side bar). As a result I have some exciting opportunities coming up in the New Year (stay tuned).
If you need more encouragement to get your hands on a copy of the book - hop over to the books accompanying website (click) and check out the latest blogs - you wont be disappointed
Now, for some fashion. A couple of twilight shots - please excuse the poor quality of the images. Im loving owl jewellery - I picked up this necklace in Thailand, along with cocktail ring, wooden bracelet and fringe belt. I picked up the easy sweat from Zara


Spend everyday shining your light my way

It was particularly cold today, so like a thousand other Florentines, we flocked to Ikea! Heating, hot lattes and make believe living rooms, the day passed easily.
I'm loving these clear lensed glasses I picked up in Thailand. They are especially useful riding around on motorbikes - no more squinting and hair whipping into my eyes. That, plus I'm hanging out with a bunch of guys that think they are 'too cool for school' and are consistently making fun of me - so the glasses help accentuate the 'part' - if you can't beat it, join it!
H&M was a little disappointing for winter clothes - alot of my size had sold out, but I found this knit for under $40. My satchel is by Colourful in Thailand. I bought a turquoise wallet from them also and later realised it matches the bag stripe perfectly. I'm heading back to Thailand in 10 days and am excited to pick up some more hand luggage in bright colours


V on the streets of Florence

I'm all loved up after a great day, that ended with the premiere session of the latest Twilight instalment - Breaking Dawn. The cherry on top is that I got to see it before my twin in Australia (haha - sibling rivalry). Three years ago if you mentioned Twilight to me I would dry reach. You see, I worked in retail and my 40 year old manager was obsessed with the books. We were never on the same page, and so when dressing room gossip would drift to Twilight, you would hear me muttering something obnoxious under my breath "...and you wonder why your single" In my defence, I was barely a year in from divorce and still fairly bitter about the world.
Right before our 24th birthday my sister brought home the Twilight DVD. I was disgusted. And what did I get for my birthday. Yep. The first Twilight book and a plea from her that if I want to "know" and "understand" my twin, I should, nay, obligated, to read the book. How could I refuse? (that, plus she is alot stronger than me, and not afraid to get physical).
The moral of the story: Im a twihard (a twilight die hard fan). Ive just seen the movie and am already making plans for cinema round 2.
On a fashion note - this is the other outfit I bought with me. So now you've seen it, thats it - I'm out of clothes. Maybe tomorrow I'll hit up H&M and see if they can't deliver
Enjoy! and get yourself to the cinema... Bella's wedding dress [es!] are to die for!


Autunno a Firenze

And I'm back! A week in Florence has still not been enough to get over the culture shock of the last 3 magical weeks in Thailand - Opposite in every way. The most evident being the weather, paired with the fact I was not prepared for anything more than laying on a beach sipping cocktails in bikini's, and at most a sarong (you have seen my previous posts :)  New timezone, new season and I'm less than prepared - thanks to good friends and their sisters who wear the same size - I've been able to borrow enough warmth and get by on 2 pairs of jeans and a pea coat - unfortunately not enough to provide you with interesting outfit posts... but i'll do my best!
I'm wearing United Colours of Benetton Maron pea coat / Giordano Blue Jeans / Cashmere scarf / Magenta Handbag from MBK Thailand / Wink Flats


Jungle gym

Some final postcards from a magic trip to Thailand
Overseas travel is not through with me yet... I sit writing this from a balcony overlooking the narrow streets of Florence. Im back in Italy


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