Veneration to sisters

Yesterday the Americans celebrated their annual Thanksgiving Holiday. Personally I think everyday this holiday should be celebrated. I was brought up in house where every night around the dinner table my brother's and sister's would take it in turns saying what they were most grateful for during their day. Aside from being a bonding, and fun part of the meal, the Law of Attraction says that focusing on particular thoughts/situation generates more of it. I still do this, everynight before I sleep. And since most nights before I sleep I am reading fashion blogs, I thought that this post I should share with you the one that inspires me most. Sister's Mira and Thilda Berglind of the blog 365 Days  is an exquisite example of an artistic collaboration between fashion, its context and its subject. Undoubtedly the reason the harmony is so well balanced, post after post, is that when one is the model, the other is behind the lens.
As a young designer, blogs like these make my job so much easier as I have an endless source of inspiration that is updated daily. These are just a pinch of my favourites.
All Images via 365 Days
[the pictures are worth a thousand words - which is lucky because this Swedish blog is not available in English!]


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