V on the streets of Florence

I'm all loved up after a great day, that ended with the premiere session of the latest Twilight instalment - Breaking Dawn. The cherry on top is that I got to see it before my twin in Australia (haha - sibling rivalry). Three years ago if you mentioned Twilight to me I would dry reach. You see, I worked in retail and my 40 year old manager was obsessed with the books. We were never on the same page, and so when dressing room gossip would drift to Twilight, you would hear me muttering something obnoxious under my breath "...and you wonder why your single" In my defence, I was barely a year in from divorce and still fairly bitter about the world.
Right before our 24th birthday my sister brought home the Twilight DVD. I was disgusted. And what did I get for my birthday. Yep. The first Twilight book and a plea from her that if I want to "know" and "understand" my twin, I should, nay, obligated, to read the book. How could I refuse? (that, plus she is alot stronger than me, and not afraid to get physical).
The moral of the story: Im a twihard (a twilight die hard fan). Ive just seen the movie and am already making plans for cinema round 2.
On a fashion note - this is the other outfit I bought with me. So now you've seen it, thats it - I'm out of clothes. Maybe tomorrow I'll hit up H&M and see if they can't deliver
Enjoy! and get yourself to the cinema... Bella's wedding dress [es!] are to die for!


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