Spend everyday shining your light my way

It was particularly cold today, so like a thousand other Florentines, we flocked to Ikea! Heating, hot lattes and make believe living rooms, the day passed easily.
I'm loving these clear lensed glasses I picked up in Thailand. They are especially useful riding around on motorbikes - no more squinting and hair whipping into my eyes. That, plus I'm hanging out with a bunch of guys that think they are 'too cool for school' and are consistently making fun of me - so the glasses help accentuate the 'part' - if you can't beat it, join it!
H&M was a little disappointing for winter clothes - alot of my size had sold out, but I found this knit for under $40. My satchel is by Colourful in Thailand. I bought a turquoise wallet from them also and later realised it matches the bag stripe perfectly. I'm heading back to Thailand in 10 days and am excited to pick up some more hand luggage in bright colours


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