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balmy & golden? in Italian

The glorious Spring weather was the best welcome back to my second home of Florence. Spring last year here was not nearly as balmy and golden as today. In fact I have not felt this warmth since my summer visit almost 2 years ago. After such a long trip, I went super low key for my first day stroll around the city - opting for flip flops I unknowingly left here 3 months ago. My bag is still a hit - even with the fashion forward Italians - drawing stares and double takes everywhere it went
Cannot wait to share more as the weeks unfold (plus there is still so many unpublished shots from early Autumn in Aus)


reviewed, revered

To my delightful surprise, I gave in and went to see My Week With Marilyn in cinema last week at the Como... than was lucky enough to catch on board my flight to Italy today. I say "gave in" because I cannot count the amount of dud depictions and documentaries I have seen about the life of the most famous actress that ever lived.
The first time I saw Marilyn Monroe was in one of her best films: Some Like it Hot. I was about 13. We didn't have a television in our house growing up, so when we started weekend visits to our dads house we discovered Hollywood for the the first time... old golden Hollywood through TV1.
The world of singing, dancing, actors was revealed - Gene Kelly, Toni Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Jane Russell and the most dazzling -  Marilyn Monroe
Her movies opened up the world to me. She has fascinated me on the silver screen. The more I discovered about her, the more I believed that her personal torment and broken childhood contributed to the poignancy of her on screen characters. She had allure and mystery paired with a sort of childish innocence, and of course undeniable physical beauty that made her attractive to both men and woman.  Unconsciously over the years I have collected every film she has ever made. 
It seems as though noone really knew her, and I think that is because she didnt know herself. A week with Marilyn is a beautiful portrayal of her insecurities. Michelle Williams metamorphosed into the character with a delicate grace, that I found slightly darker than the real Marilyn Monroe - who was a fun bubbly actress that just wanted to be approved of, and loved. Truly a must see.

The Original...
The Re-make
Lovingly hanging in my office space


at least we have the same wrinkles

I guess at 16 we were so concerned about our party costumes, You an angel, I chose to be a fairy (perhaps a vain attempt at innocence... until the cops showed up at midnight!) we were not yet able to appreciate the things that are real and worth appreciating. Like Freedom of self expression... although I still think the brunette phase you went through in high school was a mistake... Having fun - even that no one quite understands our laughter at simple, unfinished jokes = product of over creative minds
And Love: The precious friendships. Our many siblings and their clans that are far in distance, but close in heart, our contrasting parents. There is Love in acceptance, Love in enjoyment and enthusiasm - 3 qualities I try to take into every moment. Self Love. The most significant. Sharing love from a place where it flourishes. You are apart of my self... so there
Attempting a twin impression - both wearing Aubrey Shift Dresses and Ariella Skirts from my Spring Summer Collection
On the last night of being 25 the blog hit 25,000 - so grateful and humbled by every single view - what started a little over a year ago as a simple place to put my thoughts, to now -  inspiring and encouraging my fashion ventures

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a golden attitude

The girl has some style. A last minute invite to the LMFF Red Carpet event and she pulled this off effortlessly... a touch of gold and a whole lotta attitude - that's my twin
Saci wears Top from ASOS / Maxi skirt one of my Made to Measure / Vintage Glitter clutch / Bracelets from ASOS


Schoolin Life

Can you believe its already Autumn!? Time has been stretched thin, so I've had to improvise for the current collections... I wanted to do something fun, something a fa cry from refined Spring/Summer campaign. The entire collections is now available... and will be on my website tonight (fingers crossed)
There will be plenty more opportunity to show of all the pieces... Did you know I'm going to Italy on Tuesday?
I'm taking my Autumn collection to Spring in Italy!
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if the shoe fits

After an epic week of LMFF shows, Jessie's 21st certainly didn't disappoint in fashion - especially the footwear department - my favs; the glitter heeled peep toe
full album and faces on facebook soon
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Let the sky be your accessory

The golden sunsets every evening over the Docklands during the LMFF runways made the perfect backdrop for streetstyle fashion snaps. These were taken before Runway 5
 My bag was so popular with bloggers, and just about went with every outfit I wore - that plus it is the right size to fit my camera and rest of my belongings. It was a really warm 30+ degree night, so I opted for a sheer sleeveless number over my S/S Aubrey Halter dress (here). Simple jewellery from H&M, ASOS, Sportsgirl and pink suede platforms to finish
Me and my stylish date Tine Vu


#LMFF What's the Industry Verdict?

During Melbourne Fashion Week, I always look forward to the forums - the fashion and the glamour is wonderful, but its the business side of the rag trade that is most complex to me. Last week Colonial First State and The Melbourne Review presented the LMFF Industry Forum: Whats the Industry Verdict? Hosted by the flame haired Glynis Traill-Nash, guest speakers were strategically placed in the audience to encourage open discussion, and included some of favourites: The talented designer Megan Park, Arthur Galan, Clea Garrick (Limedrop) were amongst the industry proffessionals. The subjects was broad and it was difficult to grasp the scope in such a short hour, but non the less, I went away with some gems of info, and I am more excited than ever to be a designer in Australia.
I wore Velvet Pencil skirt from my Autumn/Winter '12 collection (available here) / Zara Knit / River Island Satchel / Necklace from Thailand markets
Glynis Traill-Nash & Megan Park


Butterfly lips

 Undoubtedly the most creative and fashion forward L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival show in all my years attending. There was so much magic and aw from the epic production down to the raw edge stitching. The beautiful Sureka of streetstyle blog The Girl Can Shoot, became my tweeting mentor through the week, so by the time Toni Maticevski debuted his masterpieces I was hash-tagging and tweeting about the images that were being invoked on the runway - from Parisian Vampires to Washed up Mermaids... Each garment was like an unfinished Fairytail
I was so engrossed in the beauty, that the only images I managed captured were the in-between looks, because the rest had left me breathless
Tweeted: " raw edge Parisian vampires "
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So I had a LMFF red carpet wrap-up blog planned, but than the most exciting thing to ever happen to this "little one" ;) occurred this afternoon. Yesterday while I was waiting for Sachi to get her hair done at the L'Oreal powder room, a strangely familiar face approached me quietly to ask if I could have my picture taken. Obviously flattered, I obliged. As soon as Danny introduced himself, my face reddened - realising immediately that he and his partner were the creatives ' Danny & Caroline' of Stockholm Street Style. I knew they were in town for L'Oreal Fashion Festival, but it never even crossed my mind I could be in front of their lens... let alone featured on their site...
An Epic finale to a wonderfully spontaneous Fashion Week. A huge Thank You to Caroline & Danny
For me, Street fashion does not get bigger or more eminent than Stockholm Street Style having shot every prominent fashion figure in the world from Anna Del Russo, Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo, Tilda Berglind (remember my blog about the amazing Berglind sisters?) to Anna Wintour... and the list goes on. If you don't already know and Love Stockholm Street Style, check it out here - or any of the links above ;)
I'm wearing my Rada Priya Designs Blue Chiffon Maxi with freshwater pearl and glass bead embellished shoulders / River Island Satchel / Wittner platforms / L'Oreal Make-up (thanks to the girls of the L'Oreal Powder room) / black catsuit worn under from ASOS

#LMFF Finale...

A night of some serious garment magic, the LMFF finale left us at the summit of Australian fashion... 
After recovery, more on the way


LMFF ~ blood lipped cowgirls & Velvet shorts

It was fun, it was feminine it was Runway 5 ~ an exciting display of the Ready to Wear  A/W collections by Wayne Cooper, Shona Joy, Joveeba, Rodeo Show, Talulah and White Suede
Tine Vu - Stylist and Blogger of Tine Tells It
Colourful Kani - ASOS Future stylist and fabulous blogger of K is for Kani
The ever so Gorgeous Samantha - Future style snapper??
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L'Oreal Paris Runway 5

Feeling elated after seeing the impeccable work of Wayne Cooper, Shona Joy, Joveeba, Rodeo Show, Talulah and White Suede
Full Post to follow


LMFF Independent Runway

Another L'Oreal Fashion Festival rolls around, and last night's Independent Runway didn't disappoint. One Fell Swoop was amongst the labels on show, and their collection is better than ever, I especially loved all the draping and bead work. Another highlight was catching up with old friends, and meeting new. My favourite Aussie bloggers and stylists were out in full force, and even more lovely in person.
Lovely Micah - stylist, blogger and LMFF ambassador 
The divine Irish of StyleZilla
Video highlights
Raww blog has the best coverage and full updates of the week's festival (here)
It was a cool enough night to wear the Faux fur Burgundy coat and shift dress from my Autumn/Winter '12 collection


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