at least we have the same wrinkles

I guess at 16 we were so concerned about our party costumes, You an angel, I chose to be a fairy (perhaps a vain attempt at innocence... until the cops showed up at midnight!) we were not yet able to appreciate the things that are real and worth appreciating. Like Freedom of self expression... although I still think the brunette phase you went through in high school was a mistake... Having fun - even that no one quite understands our laughter at simple, unfinished jokes = product of over creative minds
And Love: The precious friendships. Our many siblings and their clans that are far in distance, but close in heart, our contrasting parents. There is Love in acceptance, Love in enjoyment and enthusiasm - 3 qualities I try to take into every moment. Self Love. The most significant. Sharing love from a place where it flourishes. You are apart of my self... so there
Attempting a twin impression - both wearing Aubrey Shift Dresses and Ariella Skirts from my Spring Summer Collection
On the last night of being 25 the blog hit 25,000 - so grateful and humbled by every single view - what started a little over a year ago as a simple place to put my thoughts, to now -  inspiring and encouraging my fashion ventures

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