Gold Digger

No amount of gold you can get from someone else can compare to the gold you give yourself. In a world that sometimes seems so restricted, the work we do, the relationships we are in, its so easy to want what we do not have. Nobody taught me to love myself - we are all born into divine love. Its the years in between that makes us forget.  Divorce, countless broken relationships, unsatisfying career choices, death of loved ones, beliefs that society tells us to always be "happy"... I had a conversation with my best friend today that reminded me that if I live a life that others tell me to be like, and I end up unhappy - I deserve it. No one but ourself can answer for the choices we make
My gold is my fashion
Gold top from ASOS / Kaleidoscope skirt ($95 - inbox me for orders) / Givenchy Sunglasses / H&M bracelet / Emerald cocktail ring that was my grandmother's 
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