I never thought I would add waitressing to my resume, but since I arrived back to sanctuary of St Andrews Beach, Victoria, the peace and quiet has been amazing for my portfolio, but not so kind to my bank account. A random opportunity came up to waitress for a catered event with my twin sister at a Peninsular mansion. The money was too good to turn down, so dressed in black we found ourselves alone in giant house that wrapped around what looked like an unused swimming pool.  Marbled patios led to sprawling lawns which looked out over the bay. 
It didn't take long before the house filled with the rich, the minor celebrities and the washed up wannabes. With no hospitality experience I relied on my extensive retail and customer service skills to carry me through the night - which did nothing to teach me how to carry trays, or pour wine without spilling it down some womans blinged up cleavage or pronounce unusual canapés. In fact, the only thing that helped me, was growing up in Byron Shire, with a lunatic mother and 8 siblings. Eddie Maguire thought we were funny little hippies in black.
my recent sketches

Most rich people have a very unsavory character - I learnt that well and good when I dated a multi millionaire from San Fransisco last year. Sure, private jets to dinner, and mansions all over the west coast had its allure. But a f**k you attitude to money, stubborn dress sense, poor taste in entertainment: bad documentaries, rhythm-less country music and monotonous conversations topped off a 6 month rollercoaster relationship, and cured my "gold digger" mental outlook forever. From now on, I'll be bringing home the (Sanitarium) not-bacon! 
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Despite pompy pricks, the last couple weeks has been a breeze of working, skateboarding, Skypeing, surfing, soaking in the hot springs, designing, appearing in a couple scenes for short movie, and some serious eating - life is good!
Home, sweet home

And its about to get a whole lot better with a business opportunity I have spent my little life preparing for...


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