Impressed by what I saw at the orientation day of Polimoda school of Fashion, Florence, last week, I decided it would be worth attending the final presentations of students graduating with Masters degree's in Trend Forecasting. With high expectations, I was still surprised with the quality of work produced by the students, who hail from all corners of the globe. Over 4 hours we saw bodies of work that varied far beyond the limits of contemporary fashion, venturing from the culinary kitchen to outer space, from physical body manipulation to questions of our souls. It was clear that an education at Polimoda could add another dimension to my skill set, and if all the chips fall right, I'm convinced to attend there in the new year.
Fixed by each individuals take on Trend Forecasting, I managed to capture only the few images you see below.
The presentation by the this student was striking and confronting, with a naked woman painted white, while moving images projected onto her body and screen. The final frame (not seen) outlined a silhouette of a modern asymmetric dress, the pattern almost lace like - very clever use of technology
This student presented a supersized image of Florence and asked the teachers/audience to write what they wish the city was (the image is not very clear, so I added the text of examples of what people wrote - mine was Cleaner & more Open)


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