ornamental flowers

My grandmother had the most marvellous collection of costume jewellery. Her most amazing pieces were actually real - precious rubies and sapphires set in over sized coral pieces to form out-there cocktail rings and broaches. When she passed, she left some of these precious ornamental pieces to my twin sister & I. For the most they sat in the bottom of boxes, not seeing the light of day, until 2012 rolled around, bringing with it the "statement necklace" trend.  Costume jewellery at its finest, these champagne coloured glass gems, set in 6 petal flowers on large chain, is an eye catcher. Not one from my grandmother's collection, but reminding me of the very similar necklace I left back in Australia, wearing it makes me want to throw on a brightly patterned kaftan and sit by the pool with friends (as I imagined she would be doing if she were still here)


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