night of attire

here are some more snaps from our epic birthday dinner:
25 years anticipated for this event
a Saturday that was well spent
these special 25 guests were invited to dine
and wear a garment of our design
World Earth Hour provided a romantic interlude
subdued with food nobody eluded a photoshoot mood
Suited up and adorned in their best shoes
All that was left was to schmooze and amuse!

Daniella and her Tomi
Little Lady Elise
James Tamara Elise
Bachelor Pauli and Kerri Sparkle **
buon compleanno!!
my pretties
sewing Tamara into her dress
glad u liked the placecards

the heartfelt speech

candles kept us out of the dark during Earth Hour

Cherry liqueur, champagne and lemon juice...

Champagne cocktail 

bday hugs
we are really 25!

lounging out after the festivities

All up in the club

she looked gewd

round 2 of the cocktail

last cocktail for mwah

this dessert table was MADE for Alina!

getting on with party time

with a figure like that, you wouldn't think she has the ultimate sweet tooth 

dine time

cupcake nippies

the gorgeous Alina

Miss Ingram - helped me put this whole shin dig together - ever grateful!

cupcake popularity

James, James and Paul

loving the attire gentlemen

being treated like a queen on my birthday

our fashionably late Rickstar - recognise from the Carlton Dry beer ad?

Lovely orient beauty Anita

Elise - you were made for this!

isn't this romantic! feeding each other birthday cake

Brand new suit - check! freshly shined shoes - Check! Santa claus sock - Check!

Classic James

trend setter

Dani Delish!

regal Tomi

Our Indian Aladdin, Ash!


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