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mild turbulence for a warm spring day

The last few weeks have flown by so quickly that I barely had time to plan or pack for my trip back to Italy - so when I unpacked my small case this morning - I was pleasantly surprised that I had packed perfectly for the gorgeous spring weather that was waiting for me when I touched down into Rome yesterday. But its not hard to get spring fashion wrong. I have been to Rome 5 times, but never in spring. Seeing the flowers at the Spanish steps was like the postcards, literally.
Melbourne International airport
a photograph couldnt barely catch the beauty of a full moon from 4000 feet

One and only reason I tolerate  sitting in a tiny compartment with 300 other humans - the magnificent and breath taking view.  Always puts my life into perspective

Spanish Steps in all its Glory
one of my jade green dresses perfect for the occasion
Julian - knows why he had to make the trip to Rome to collect me

stop off on the way home to meet a friend, and to eat of course. One of the reasons you should ever visit Italy. To Eat, Pray and to Love!

this dog has the worlds smartest owner. Note that the dog is wearing a collar, but no leash...

these two steps are the dogs leash. I was distracted by all the commotion of two dogs going at it - barking and carrying on - this little dog was lunging at a passer by pooch, but was held back as if my an invisible leash. He neither enters the store or leaves the steps. He is the king of these steps. He warns the owner of any entering customers, and wards off any unwanted hounds. But he never leaves his steps...

night train to Firenze

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