sitting, waiting, wishing

I found this sweater yesterday from H&M for under 10euro! paired with my boyfriends cords and wedge sandle, set for a warmish rainy day
Rainbow bead earrings from Nimbin, NSW. I temporarily lost these to my twin - who took them on an adventure around India - I don't know; I think she wears them better than me - lil hippy that she is:
and here she is -  Sachi at an Indian wedding...

These girls were pretty funny - she stood here trying to climb the wall for ages. Wrong outfit for rock climbing darl!
Lily in his lily whites. We traded sunnies - my orange band wayfarers that I got n New York for $5, for his equally as cheap fakeys (I scored wit the better lens)
A great way to get around Florence. Note cafe Antica Sosta Degli Aldobrandini - which as formally know as "Julian's bar" is where I met the man himself over 9 months ago 
Cleaning the street with this gorgeously cut silk skirt
The all new "Julian Panini" is made up of Pesto, Tomato, fresh Onion, Cheese and fresh Lemon slices - Yum! We ate 3 each today!!
sitting, waiting, wishing


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