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Chic with just enough lace

There was no denying yesterday that Kate Middleton got it right. The contemporary design by Sarah Burton for iconic Alexander McQueen was almost too fitting. McQueen dresses a real Queen - He would be so chuffed! 
But the dress itself: Sweetheart neckline, modest bust, perfect A line skirt, not a puff in sight and just enough lace. And did I mention the bustle! The skirt layers at the back showed the intricate craftsmanship that gave the impression the ample train was being held to the dress by a mere thread.
My favourite part of the dress was the divinely subtle lace appliqué along the base of the skirt. It caught the light so softly, without attracting the eye away from her long silhouette.
It is a timeless dress that flawlessly exemplifies a Middleton class girl's transformation into a Princess.
Her second dress, also by Sarah Burton for McQueen was just as classic with a little princess thrown in. Cashmere cardi over identical sweetheart bodice of the ceremonial dress. The jewel belt wasted no time placing her in April 2011.

Pippa wore Sarah Burton for McQueen that as not only timeless, but ageless. Conservative cap sleeve and cowl neckline perfectly portrayed a Princess's sister.

Her second dress was elegant and super sexy in Jade green


Alexander Wu

Karl Lagerfield

Vera Wang

Elizabeth Emanuel 

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