Feathers & Bindis

Prepping for another photoshoot. I was supposed to be looking after my flu ridden sister, but I opted instead to boss her about in my clothes. I found you can get away with more when your sister is half out of it.

Check out these super cool feather hair extensions from They come in a range of colours and tones, and once there in, they're permanent! You can wash, straighten, curl and dry em, just like regular hair extensions, but hello - who needs fake hair,  when you can have real feathers...

This lot of feathers and suede tie is from Spotlight. Add a little twist to my shorts draw string and crop tee tie back

Bindis and Bangles hail from India

Make shift arm art

Back of my Missoni inspired shift design

My news ASOS baby blue and metal bracelet  

Indian Bangles, ASOS peace sign bracelet

ASOS peace ring / my new favourite nail colour - Olive from Sportsgirl

outfit from upcoming Spring Bohemian collection - coming soon to

new place for traditional forehead bindis

Should I go the nose ring? For some people, its the only way to tell me and Saci apart...


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