Life Aquatic

Day out at the Melbourne Aquarium
On the weekend Saci & Grace invited me to document there diving with the Sharks adventure at the Melbourne Aquarium. While they suited up,  I got to check out all the marine life, and was so inspired by the incredible colours mother nature produces in our oceans. 
Watching the girls dive was thrilling. The audience in the theatre was huge, due to school holidays, and the girls did a good job entertaining. The sharks were frightening, and I was buzzing with nerves as I snapped away.
Giant Sting Rays...
Sharks swooping around the tanks
Frank & I observing the theatre area
Saci - the natural performer, in any environment
a lovers kiss
entertaining the children
A real frozen hammerhead Shark - freaky, and a lil bit gross
Penguins ♥ ♥ 
replica of real Shark jaws caught in Victoria - eeek!


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