make an exception for the polar bear

As a child, I was more of a Barbie fan than a stuffed animal admirer. I never really got the fascination. I guess because I was so close with my twin, she was better than any comfort a soft toy could offer. Barbies - you could dress them up, cut their hair, paint their faces... eventually it became our first business venture - sewing and gluing hippy outfits to their perfect little bodies and selling them at the local markets - they were a hit!
As a teen, and a young woman I received stuffed animals from boyfriends, but they only lasted as long as the relationship did.
This little fellow is Henry. I got him from Times Square in New York 2 years ago. He ended up coming along with me for the rest of my states holiday, and now he is a permanent fixture on my bed... sometimes under...
Im wearing a top from Cotton On and Maxi dress from Valley Girl


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