Oh Stevie!

Saturday Morning Diary
9am - Skype Rada in Italy [its midnight] demand full access to her wardrobe
9.30am - Email Rada 13 outfit snapshots requesting full review and weigh in on outfit choice
10am - Paint nails and curl hair
1:43pm - Make up and a Facebook status update :
 Saci Mata This rain I beautiful even when you're going to celebrate a wedding

 ·  · November 26 at 1:43pm near Balnarring, Australia ·

1:44pm - Final email to Rada [its 3:44am in Italy] that she needs to get a better wardrobe because it didn't contain "The Dress" that was supposed to make her look like Beyonce [Our mum always said she wanted chocolate babies, and I think Saci has taken that a bit too literal...]

Congratulations on your wedding Stevie and Owen

Saci is wearing a Wish dress that I bought in 2005, so lets say: Saci is wearing Vintage silk Wish dress / Pink suede platforms / PVSY Necklace / assorted bling rings probebly from Diva or Dinky Di / Synergie Mineral Make up / and a grin that you just want to slap!


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