Neuw: Marilyn Jean

The humble jean and I have never really been friends. Its not that I don't love denim, I just get weird about the look of the crotch area, all that blue fading and fabric... Plus I see myself as more of a sunday dress girl. 
But than Neuw came along with the Marilyn cut Jean and it kinda holds it all in... like those giant granny undies I like to wear (thank God Bonds made them "cool").
Had to drive all the way to Peninsula to feed my sisters cat - and it wasn't until the end of the 2 hour drive that I had to undo the top button... but I had just finished an entire Domino's vege pizza.
Her house kinda  matched my outfit, so I balanced the camera on the balcony rail and posed for myself
Wearing Cream Knit from Zara / Marilyn cut Neuw Jeans / Canvas boots from Target


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