Beautiful Nail

Sometimes a confidence boost can come in a small little bottle of nail polish, the more chemical free the better.
Because we spend most of our day seeing our hands, and not our reflection in a mirror (put down the compact ladies) keeping well maintained pointers gives me that little bit of extra assurance. I can't afford to have them professionally manicured, in Australia at least, and I cant really justify going to Thailand for a $3.30 session every month, so I keep a good range of colours to do myself. I recently discovered Butter - an English brand that is free of the toxic carcinogens in other polish. Its a little pricey, but hot tip is Madison giving away the Yummy Mummy colour - as pictured below.
Also - if your polish is starting to dry up - add a couple of drops of polish remover. I saw the Thai ladies doing it. The more you dilute, the more coats you'll have to apply, but you'll get more for your buck
Lastly, if you haven't seen the YouTube clip by Anjelah Johnson, please click link below - its hilarious!


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