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The new year is fast approaching, so I thought I would dedicate this one to my sis - the twin one... who apparently is looking for more like me every year... or maybe I'm looking like her. Either way people telling us apart has not been too tricky, but when the ones close to us start to get confused, that sort of weirds us out. I started a holiday job with Zara a couple of days before Christmas and have had customer's claiming to know me. I try to explain, but one guy thought I was blowing him off. It wasn't fun in high school, and it's not very fun now. When we were younger and attended separate schools for awhile, we'd swap. Not being recognised marred me - well I think us both, because soon after Saci started dying her hair. Its great being a twin [although I don't actually know what its like any other way], and we have fun playing tricks, but you gotta believe me...
shame we use finger print scanner to sign in to work, otherwise you might never know...
Top Pic: both wearing Ariella Skirts & tops from my S/S '11 Collection ~  sale on at the ASOS site

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My girls at Splendour in the Grass. The Mini Splendour area was crazy fun. GLOTATTS sponsored the event so that all the little celebrity kidless got their sparkle with tattoos and glitter. Overall what a perfect last day to a hugely successful festival!

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  I want to share with you my gratitude and joy for the past five years of working alongside my sister, Kat and her husband Moi, at Satvik Foods. As a family-owned business, Satvik Foods has been a creative outlet for me within this mature company of 13 years. I've had the opportunity to be a part of something special, and to reconnect with my roots and heritage through the rituals of preparing and eating food. I have worked plenty with my family, but each is a unique experience. We've had our fair share of disagreements, but we always come together with a shared vision of creating nourishing, Ayurvedic-inspired dishes that are accessible to everyone. I've learned so much from them, not just about food but about business, marketing, and communication. The learning curve has been steep, but it's been worth it. I've learned the importance of patience and perseverance, and how to adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences. Most importantly, I've red

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RADA CAMPBELL - MOTHER & ENTREPRENEUR,  SATVIK FOODS.  TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF- WHO YOU ARE, AND WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I am a mother, creative and entrepreneur. I was born into the Hare Krishna religion in Northern NSW and spent most of my childhood running wild with my 8 siblings. Growing up, I was deeply influenced by stories and traditions of the varied spiritual doctrines my eccentric mother subscribed to. This left me with a rich curiosity, and audaciousness to seek out the world for myself. I spent many years overseas and returned to my roots to raise my own daughters in the little rainforest village of Uki. WHAT SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE AND BRINGS SUNSHINE INTO YOUR LIFE?   Connecting deeply with people, dancing like nobody's watching, swimming in the ocean during a storm, and creating with my hands - whether I’m sewing, drawing, cooking or writing. CREATING IS A BIG PART OF YOUR LIFE, WHEN DID THIS PASSION BEGIN?  Satvik Foods   was created by my wonderful sister, K