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spring on a winters day

The last few weeks have been so stressful with the first lot of my spring design samples coming from my manufacturer all wrong. It has thrown my timeline and launch of website, but given me the opportunity to refine the collection and assert myself with the people I employ. It has not been easy surrendering my work the strangers to be replicated, but it had to happen one day. The recent turmoil has revealed an unforeseen reconciliation with my twin sister. We have always had an extremely close connection, but our sisterly bickering had hindered the business relationship. We are 25 now and we worry less about our egos, and this showed in a recent peaceful confrontation that has resulted into this sincere respect and love that I have only received out my closest of closet friendships. And as if her already unconditional love and support of me was enough, it has further confirmed my sense of self and worth. The feeling you get from inside your soul that speaks to your body through your stomach, you know, the gut feeling, that  your on the right path... insurmountable, as if it is this path, the path that leads you to the source

And through this, our Mum arrived unexpectedly. The last time the 3 of us were together was on our 21st birthday, so it was special - made only more by the fact that Saci works at the Peninsular Hot Springs where we spent 2 glorious days bathing, while the freezing temperatures dropped blissfully unaware around us...

First labels from manufacturer - and sewing the first one into a cardigan I made for Mum

When Mum saw this she reminisced of us as babies and insisted we roll it around woolies while we picked out dessert

talking to her baby twins - they didnt have twin seats in our day

relaxation room before our bathing

Saci - the ever professional

our private pool

it was 6 degrees on this night - warmer than the bathe the night before

Thank you Saci


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