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Lounging to the Slave of the Rhythm

I wasn't allowed to take pictures during the show, but before and after lounging around was so much fun. The Space on Chapel street was filled with couches of all colours and styles, seating around 100 people. Paper lanterns, peacock feathers and turkish jugs and dishes set the stage for an exotic performance. The scene opened with slaves of the rhythm, dancing provocatively to an 80's beat. The dancers progressed though contemporary, pop, even an hilarious 60's hippie soiree, ever changing the atmosphere, but always a temperament of intensity that left us on the edge of our couch.
Over and hour and twenty minutes moving, stretching, twisting, swaying leaping, pushing the body to the edge of precision, our beautiful Connie Baker emerged with grace and composure.
The show continues over the next 2 weeks - tickets are $35 with free wine and nibbles before the show

not quite composure...

is that 2 wines in yr hot little hands?


After the show

Connie Baker!

twins wearing Rada Priya design cardigans from upcoming Spring collection

channeling the Beatles... but not quite...

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