praying for warm day

 The weather has been so cold the last few weeks in Melbourne, so when the sun popped out and I was down at the Mornington Peninsula visiting my sister, advantage was to be had. With the help from my mum's friendly eye behind the lens:
Swing coat from my upcoming Spring collection

I love tie dye - naturally being a Byron kid. This tunic is from the Uki markets

Backyard barbecue - Summer at my sisters house is going to be divine 

perfect spot for arfternoon tea
Ive had these vintage Givenchy sun glasses for more than 5 years, and Im finally getting to use them. The lens is perfection, so I wear them when Im driving

I love this caramel coloured jewel ring I found at the markets in Florence - You paid by what the stones weighed - this was 15 euro - bargain!

I fell in love with this when I saw it in Accessorize in Florence. It was a bit out of my price range on my holiday budget, but I had to have it. 

My favourite piece of jewellery at the moment is this H&M suede and chain woven bracelet 

H&M have some great little accessories

Prayer Beads that my Mum bought me back from India

stacked bracelets - new fav accessory
My watch is an antique left to me by my late grandmother

- XOX -


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