I follow so many fashion blogs, and having one of my own, it was only a matter of time before I succumbed to temptation of online shopping. is new favourite fashion destination. period.
My latest purchase could not have arrived at a more perfect time. I have fallen in love with the current Missoni collection, and now that all my money is my business, I decided I would create my own little Missoni inspired shift dress - coordinating with my new accessories flawlessly for our winter shopping day out:
Love this great little Asos stripe satchel, just enough space for my wallet, mobile, lip balm, sunglasses and spare camera batteries. This Asos Vintage stye feather necklace comes in turquoise and tangerine. I think I might have to add the turquoise to my collection...
Asos is has free international delivery and a 30 day free return policy (which is included in the parcel with your goods)

I saw this fabric in the window of a little vietnamese junk store on Victoria st, Melbourne. The little lady would only take cash, otherwise I would have bought the whole bolt! It is uncannily close to the Missoni prints
 this key chain I bought as a souvenir in Venice last year
Saci wearing one of my Autumn designs. The skirt didn't make the cut to manufacturer, but can be made to order


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