Designer Series Runway #1

Day 2 of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week brought the first of the designer series runway shows with it. Featuring some of my favourite Australian designers; Gwendolynne, Aurelio Costarella and Rachel Gilbert were among an impressive line up worthy of the grand opening night. 
The show was opened by stunning "birds" of the Phillip Adam Ballet Lab, while  Sophie wore a divine black velvet ensemble topped with exquisite feather head piece by Richard Nylon.
PETA had been protesting outside before the show began, so it was not a shock when they stormed in and took over the runway. In fact most of the audience sat fixed as if it were part of the show. When it was announced that we would have to evacuate the building, that irked the crowd and the protesters were lead out. Unfortunately only two gowns remained to be seen on the runway, and I thought to myself that the PETA crew could have timed it better, so it was more like a mid movie interval - like they do in Europe so everyone can get their nicotine fix. Bravo to their message - but even more - bravo to the two woman's bravado for getting up in front of a discerning crowd in their polyester blend jersey sacks and 1991 black boots.
Enjoy the pics from my nose bleed seat and my souped up LEICA lens

Velvet Heaven
My top pick
And the best way to top off a night filled with birds of a feather, sky scraper stilettos and dare I say nudity:
Cocktails from the most enviro friendly bar in town, Council House No#2
Rose & Lime concoction 
Warm Soy Milk with lashings of liqueur - "Christmas in a glass"
Great night out with a best friend


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