Birds of a Feather

Fashion week has been fabulously full on. I learnt so much at one of the free fashion workshops (post coming soon) The shows have been really great. Tomorrow night my twin sister is joining me for the "Senso Uniquo" show 4. We are expecting something a little bit darker and avant-garde. I thought I'd share what Im planning to wear - including a fresh set of feather hair extensions from
My new Cambridge Satchel arrived from Hong Kong today - perfect timing. I also ordered some hand dyes to have a play with some of the pieces from my Spring collection - which still has NOT arrived from the manufacturer!! ahhh!)
ASOS blue bracelet / red cuff from Florence market / Enamel earrings from a vintage store in New York (i've never worn them) / Zara sweat
100% Extra fine High Waisted skirt - One of my Spring Samples - Inbox me if you would like one in your size $60 incl postage

The feathers are amazing - and permanent! Saci used a ghd on these, and they can be washed and cared for the same as your normal hair

Sephora nail polish in lilac, and a t-shirt I picked up in New York for US$1! It is my most regular shirt on rotation


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