Byron Shire

Its long overdue that I have been home to see my family. 2 nephews and 4 nieces have been especially missed - so when the opportunity and time opened up, I jumped at the chance and flew out the next day. Its only day two, but so busy and so relaxing all the same time
View from my mums new house in Ocean Shores
How I spend my mornings

Beautiful Eucalyptus tree in the drive
artwork in my mums house
Emily - my brothers daughters are just adorable

Tora playing the drums
My niece Shakti turned 9 yesterday  - and her dad made a feast! and a great pink cake

Muddy - updating his facebook
My big sister and her little lady

Sudi as Charli Chaplin 
I think I look good with facial hair

There are so many blog posts that never make it to the page - time and so many events prevent a natural theme. I have so many photos in folders, and it seems like a waste - but the last thing I want to do is bore ya'll. Feel free to jump on facebook and comment what you would like to see more (fashion shoots / fashion shows / behind the scenes of garment production / outfit posts / etc)


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