One for the Road had me on the edge of my emotions

 We missed the matinee, so nothing was going to keep us for the evening and final showing of Harold Pinter's 'One for the Road'. James Ballard did an incredible job directing in the small confines of the Owl and the Pussycat upstairs space, but even more was the unwavering commitment the actors gave, even between scenes when the lights were out, we could still feel the presence of the characters, and never the actors playing them. Whats more is I acknowledge these actors as family! We grew up with Paul Fischer, who plays the lead Nicolas (in fact he was my first boyfriend back in primary school!) and Frank Magree - portraying Viktor - is Sachi's partner, along with his two children Luca and Stella, who took turns playing the Vicktors son. Throughout the 45 minute play the psychology of the characters had me on the edge of my emotions. In the  small space of the theatre you could see every line of agitation across their faces, and the glaring glint of a lunatic in the eye of Nicolas. I found myself confronted, uncomfortable but completely captured by everything I was observing...
Julia Sutherland illustrated a more explicit and tangible account of the production in her review: http://www.theatrepeople.com.au/reviews/one-road
All thats left for me to say is Thank You to the Pine Heights Theatre production for putting this on. I think I need another one for the road...
Sachi. Waiting in anticipation

Saci and Luca - who play Nicky in the matinee that we missed

Stella portrayed Nicky with startling innocence and authenticity

Paul - after the show, though I dont think Nicolas has quite left him:

Frank with blood stained on his hands

The beautiful Ngaire Dawn Fair played Viktors wife Gila

Quick bow at the end



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